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Course Outline:

This workshop is perfectly suited for dentists and team members and teaches the skills to make case acceptance from single tooth to complex care dentistry predictably successful. It’s specifically designed for you if you have a broad base general "bread and butter" practice and are also growing the complex care aspect of your practice – cosmetic, implant, CAD CAM, 3D imaging/airway, and rehabilitative dentistry. The session includes case study simulations that make your lessons immediately relevant to your everyday practice. The lecture is based on the book Making It Easy for Patients to say “YES”. The lecture focuses on two areas: the fundamentals/strategies of case acceptance and specific take-home procedures.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Left- and Right-side Patients – the 6 critical distinctions between simple and complex care patients
  2. The Four Chiefs™ - The four essential conversations of case acceptance
  3. The Choice Dialogue – Discover the readiness of the patient for care
  4. The Discovery Guide™ - How to talk to patients about conditions they don’t know they have
  5. The Cross-Over Zone™ - Discomfort when talking about money
  6. The Case Conversation – How to lead, not sell, patients into accepting your treatment recommendations
  7. The Advocacy Dialogue – Managing patients who are not yet ready for care



Course Outline:

It’s never been tougher to hold people’s attention as it is now: text messages, e-mail, voice mail, multitasking, social media…all of it competes for listeners’ attention. Consequently, your role as a leader/influencer is more difficult; if people aren’t listening, you’re not leading or influencing. This session will help you become more interesting, influential, and memorable. It’s designed for all members of the dental profession who are interested in making a greater impact during one-on-one conversations, speaking to a small group, or presenting in front of a large audience. You’ll come away from this program with a greater confidence on being an interesting expert!

Learning Objectives:

The learning objective is to make professionals more interesting, memorable, influential, and effective leaders and communicators.



Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP is the President of Homoly Communications Institute. His focus is coaching high performance dental teams while advancing communication in dentistry, worldwide. Paul’s unique process dentists master their practice, giving them more freedom in their work and life. Dr. Homoly is a world-class leader in dental education. As a comprehensive, restorative dentist and acclaimed educator for over 25 years, he is known for his innovative and practical approach to dentistry.

While devoting his full time focus to coaching, authoring and innovating, Dr. Homoly is licensed to practice dentistry in North Carolina and remains a current member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the North Carolina Dental Society.

Dr. Homoly holds the highest earned designation in professional speaking—Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)—from the National Speakers Association. Fewer than 10% of professional speakers are distinguished at the CSP level. He is the first dentist in the world to earn this designation.

Making It Easy For Patients To Say "Yes" AND Just Because You're An Expert...Doesn't Make You Interesting

  • April 12, 2019
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