Dr. Uche Odiatu is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, an NSCA certified trainer, a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, the co-author of two books: The Miracle of Health and Fit for the LOVE of it! and a professional member of the America College of Sports Medicine. He is a board member of the Holistic Allied Professional Association. Dr. Odiatu maintains a dental practice in Toronto and has inspired audiences at the largest dental conferences in the world and for Fortune 500 companies. He has been the invited guest on over 300 radio and TV shows, including ABC 20/20 and Canada AM.Course Outline:

Mick Jagger is 73, Paula Abdul is 53, Rod Stewart is 71, and Halle Berry is 48. Why not have their energy levels and vitality? Hey, 25, 35 or 65! Don’t you want to kick off the covers and spring out of bed with incredible spirit? Do you want to be more energetic and ready for a busy clinic day without aches and pains?

Learning Objectives:

After this session we’ll have you bouncing out the door ready to take on the world each morning:

  • FORTIFY your body with the TOP Age-Defying FOODS for a powerful clinic day
  • Receive Dr Uche’s top supplement list and why each one plays a role in keeping your edge.
  • Discover the FOUR key strategies you must MASTER to turn back the hands of time
  • EMPOWER yourself to enjoy a long rewarding dental career
  • Maintain your balance and flexibility – practical ergonomics
  • Discover how to combat SARCOPENIA (muscle wasting). We lose 1% of our muscle mass per year from 30 to age 70 and it affects everything we do from walking to thinking to oral hygiene at home.
  • Receive the latest science on Interval Training & its best use for busy professionals.
  • Become your patient’s best role model for OPTIMAL HEALTHY living
  • LEARN how the oral cavity changes with each decade of life and how to inspire patients for optimal home care
  • CREATE a personal blueprint to stay healthy, active and strong from this day forward
  • UNDERSTAND how the human body ages and the new science of anti-aging
  • UNCOVER the code to living without chronic pain and discomfort

Workplace Culture: Moving your Dental Practice from Stressed to Blessed AND Fierce Conversations: How to Strategically Manage Dental Practice Conflicts

  • 5 mars 2021