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Course Outline:

Marketing your practice may feel daunting and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars a month to attract a tiny handful of patients (who may or may not come back). With the right knowledge, tools and a proven plan you can leverage all the power of Social Media to position and market yourself. Learn how to build a powerful organize messaging engine that brings new patients in the door and keeps them coming back.

In this cutting edge, nuts-and-bolts course, Dr. Angela Mulrooney pulls back the curtain and reveals all the steps to succeed. Covering everything you’ll need to create a tailored, high-level social media strategy, she shines a spotlight on techniques that have helped her clients increase their following by thousands per month. Dr. Mulrooney reveals the strengths and opportunities inherent in each social platform and review space. We’ll also compare when it makes sense to use organize vs. paid strategies. Learn how your team can put your marketing on steroids for little or not cost. Gain insight into how to wow your patients and get t hem talking about you in person and online. Explore a comprehensive digital communication and outreach strategy that will enhance your online presence.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Refine your social media space and online branding by stating what makes you unique.
  2. Discover how to leverage online search to let people know who you are.
  3. Understand how to build your social media following.
  4. Understand how to convert the leads from your online marketing efforts to bookings by changing the new patient conversation.
  5. Learn what it takes to set yourself apart in the marketplace.
  6. Pinpoint how to discover exactly what your patients want from you (it’s not what you think).
  7. Build your online marketing plan for the next 6 months.
  8. Plan your first (or next) marketing video for maximum patient impact.

Course Outline:

Are you struggling to grow your practice and your following due to the changing times we live in? Are you worried that you won’t survive unless you sell out to “Big Dental”? It takes grit and perseverance to thrive in today’s market. With consolidators buying practices at an alarming pace, lack of loyalty from patients, and our instant gratification society, it can be a challenge to keep patients in the practice let alone attract new ones in order to meet increasing overhead costs. Yet, there are many practices that are growing at record rate despite these changed circumstances.

These successful practices don’t buy into the theory that external circumstances dictate whether their clinic succeeds or struggles. Instead, they know that their success is 100% up to them and 100% dependent on the inputs they apply.

Being better isn’t good enough—it is simply what patients expect from you. Being different is what will allow you to thrive. In this mindset transforming lecture, Dr. Mulrooney will show you how you can secure your own success with the concepts her clients use everyday.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn a process for taking control of your business, career and future no matter what circumstances surround you.
  2. Gain a formula for meeting obstacles in your practice—even “unimaginable” challenges—with courage, action, and resilience.
  3. Discover concepts that will allow you to leverage your time so that you have balance in your life and practice.
  4. Refine your approach to the everyday goings on of your practice to maximum every team members’ potential and skillset.
  5. Create a practice-differentiating strategy that will have patients telling their friends how amazing you are.
Dr. Angela Mulrooney turned a run-down clinic into a cutting-edge practice that was referred to by colleagues for full-mouth reconstruction, I.V. sedation, and sleep apnea therapy. In doing so, she more than doubled her hourly production while working 50% fewer hours at 28 years of age. After sustaining a career ending injury, she decided to turn tragedy into opportunity by sharing her credibility and production-boosting secrets through practice management and social media marketing to help talented colleagues realize their full potential clinically and entrepreneurially.

The Ultimate Social Media Workshop AND Thriving In Practice: No Matter the Circumstances

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  • April 8, 2022
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